Libby, Montana in the Aftermath of W.R. Grace and Co. Indictment

An AP story describes Libby, Montana in the aftermath of the W.R. Grace indictment.

Posters promise "Door Prizes!!" and "Blood draw to participate in ongoing research!" Companies that sell home oxygen supplies will send reps. Doctors and researchers will be here. There will be consultants to help asbestosis victims apply for public aid. And there will be advice on finding help with the housework when the disease becomes too much.

But the most interesting quote in the AP story comes from Ed Baker, a former city councilman, "He'd go back to work for them today if he was alive. My dad knew in the '60s that his lungs were turning to concrete. Like he always told me, he took his chances and he could have quit at anytime. But they were good jobs."

How many people feel that way in Libby, Montana? Probably not many family members, and 1200 victims who have been identified as suffering from some kind of asbestos-related abnormality.

W.R. Grace and its executives, as far back as the 1970's, attempted to conceal information about the adverse health effects of the company's vermiculite mining operations and distribution of vermiculite in the Libby, Montana community, according to the indictment.

The defendants are also accused of obstructing the government's cleanup efforts and wire fraud.

News Source: Associated Press  |  Published: February 21, 2005  |  Read Full Story


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