The Cruel Saga of Asbestos Disease

Paul Brodeur, a staff writer at the New Yorker, wrote a commentary piece for the LA Times providing us with an insightful look at what he calls The Cruel Saga of Asbestos Disease

In pioneering studies conducted in the 1960s, Selikoff demonstrated the horrific extent of asbestos lung disease in heavily exposed asbestos insulators. He then showed that asbestos disease was also striking less- exposed workers who toiled alongside the insulators in shipyards and on building construction sites. Other scientists found that the wives and children of asbestos workers were dying through exposure to the relatively small amounts of asbestos dust their husbands and fathers were bringing home on their work clothes.

Paul Brodeur has also written four books on asbestos disease:

News Source: LA Times  |  Published: February 21, 2005  |  Read Full Story


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